Friday, December 4, 2015

Greek Life and Other Student Organizations

Coming into a new environment like college is something to get use to. For some it’s easy to adjust to the new setting and for others it’s more challenging. There are people who aren’t use to talking to others and having to make new friends. College is intimidating at first because you don’t know anyone. You don’t know who to talk to and are scared to search for help. There are many programs that can help you feel welcomed and make you feel at home. As students we have to take advantage of all the programs on campus. It can be from sports, clubs on campus, or Greek life.
Greek life is something I never saw myself doing but it’s something I would highly recommend for an upcoming student at any university. Fraternities and sororities are looked at in a negative way, but in reality it gives people a sense of community. It’s people who almost have similar beliefs and strive to better themselves as individuals. There are many Greek organizations on campus. When I came to Chico I knew a lot of people, but I wanted to meet new people. There were times where I felt home sick and missed my family. When I went to a social gathering for my fraternity, before I joined, they all had the same interests as me. When I was around them it felt like I was at home. This is what I mean by feeling welcomed and the feeling like you’re back home. You are surrounded with people who have the same interests and mind set as you. I’m not saying that Greek life is for everyone but it is something people should look into. A lot of Greek organizations are very academic based. This means that you have to maintain a certain GPA to be active and participate with the organization. When I say participate that means community service, study hours, and socials with other organizations.

This type of program is to help build students academically, socially, and better round you as a person. They also make you feel at home and comfortable and make you break out of your comfort zone. When I joined my fraternity I became a more outspoken person in presentations. I also got to meet a lot of important people on and off campus, all qualities that will benefit me in my future.

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