Thursday, May 16, 2013

End of the Year Celebrations: Do or Don’t?

Class of 2012

DO celebrate this outstanding achievement! Some of us are due to graduate in about a week, and some of us have successfully completed yet another great semester here at Chico State; what’s not to celebrate, right? However, DON’T celebrate in a manner that can be seen as inappropriate or looked down upon.  This time of year should be celebrated with family and friends in a safe environment with respect to the code of conduct that our school is implementing during graduation ceremonies. Lets all make the best efforts to create the best memories we WONT forget with the friends we can’t forget!

During this time of year, we should also be mindful of the reputation that we are placing on our school. Liberal Studies majors make up a larger population of the campus; therefore we act as the face of our campus.  With such an important role, it is our job to stay responsible not only during this time, but also year-round. Participating in organized bar crawls that reflect our program can have a negative impact on both the major and yourself as a student and as an educator.  Partaking in such activities can jeopardize both your current and future job, so lets all keep in mind that TODAY DECIDES TOMORROW.

Congratulations to the entire graduating class! For the rest of ya’ll, we’ll be in their shoes in no time! Until then, make the best of your college career. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013


It’s the week before dead week and I am feeling nowhere near dead. I’m sure we are all very aware that our so-called “Dead Week” is very much ALIVE! All of the sudden we have tons of presentations, papers, and projects that seemed to just spring out of nowhere, right? Now is the time to really step up our game and push ourselves until the very last word of our 10 page paper is written. But I’m sure it doesn't seem so easy when our roommates are hanging out with friends, or playing their music too loud. As a student, we need to find our study nook that we can always turn to if need be. If you cannot study in your own home here are a few places to consider:

·         Library (Now open from 7:30am-2am)
·         Cross Cultural Leadership Center- CCLC (MLIB 172)
·         EOP Study Lounge (right outside SSC 310)
·         Under a tree on campus (there is Wi-Fi everywhere on campus)
·         Study Lounge in the BMU (right next to Common Grounds CafĂ©)
·         Student Learning Center (SSC 340-great spot if you need a tutor)
·         Computer Lounge in Whitney (first floor)
·         Local Coffee Shops Downtown (Starbucks, Peets Coffee, Naked Lounge)

Now, if you were struggling over the material in any of your classes I would HIGHLY recommend talking to your professor during office hours! These are the loneliest times of the day for our teachers and they make themselves readily available for OUR benefit. (I even heard that some teachers will secretly give you extra credit if you make the time to visit them during their office hours!)

Often times we will come across professors who give us the option to possibly take the final and maybe get the A or B (with a lot of studying) or not take the final and stick with your B or C.  In this situation it is up to YOU as the student to make that important decision. Maybe if you don’t take that final it will allow you more time to study for a class that you were really struggling in? It’s ultimately up to you and your individual situation, so make smart choices and be sure to prioritize and manage your time wisely.