Monday, December 7, 2015

Is a Master's Degree the New Bachelor's?

I remember when I was in my early teens and my dad was lecturing me about college and how there is no other option for me other then college. He would always tell me how much he would have loved to attend to college, but he was forced to work at the age of 8. He said he even would have been content with just passing high school but that was asking too much since his family struggled financially. He would tell me that people were able to get a decent job with just your high school diploma. Nowadays a high school diploma can barely land you a job at MacDonald's. 

As a graduating senior, I am a little concerned about landing a job when I graduate. We aren’t guaranteed a job after graduation and we have to face that fact. Teachers in high school told us how important it is to get your bachelor's degree, that we wouldn’t get a good paying job without one. As a college student you start to hear that a bachelor's isn’t good enough. Maybe in some job areas a bachelor’s degree is good enough, but in other job areas a bachelors just doesn’t cut it. We need to shoot for a higher education to be able to get that better paying job. 

So, all those hard working and endless hours in the library was all for nothing? Are we just putting ourselves into debt because some students are fortunate to receive financial aid and there are students who have to pull out loans their four or five years in college. To be told that a job isn’t guaranteed is a little worrisome. So we have to start thinking about our master's degree. For some people they were already shooting for that or even beyond that like their doctorate, but some people just can’t afford it so they just settle with their bachelor's. Next thing you know, our master's won’t even cut it and a will be considered the new bachelor's. At the end of the day, we should all strive to better ourselves. Not just as a student but a person in general. 

Count Down to Finals!

I cannot believe it is already the end of the semester. Granted, we have a few weeks left but it is getting down to the final push of Fall 2015. I have been doing most of my blogs about stress and how to cope with obstacles that pop up throughout the semester. This is a weird time of the year where we are stressed about how much we have been stressed throughout the year and we “cannot” let it go waste. The truth is, all the stress and hard work always pays off. No matter how you end this semester, everything will be okay.

That is a pretty bold statement and believe me, I hate it when someone tells me that everything will be fine and I just need to “chill out”. The reason you are stressed and staying up late and consuming so much caffeine is because you are passionate about your schooling and progress. You are getting an education for YOU, no one else. However you are feeling, do not stop pushing. Sometimes it seems impossible to stay up that extra hour and really perfect that last paper, but you can do it. An hour is only 4% of your day. With that, remember, an hour is only 4% of your day. So, take a nap if you need it, go to lunch with a friend, or call your mom. Even though we are stressed and worried, it is no excuse to let ourselves slip. You cannot give everything you have to school, you must take care of yourself and remember to love yourself. After all, you are the one that got you here in the first place!

I have done some research and found a few easy, cheap things to do for an hour in Chico! This is only one hour of your day but it could make all of the difference. I am a sucker for the WREC, I love going with a friend and walking on the treadmill and chatting a little bit. There is also Honey Run Covered Bridge, if you haven’t gone, you should. It is beautiful and a really unique part of Chico. It is a little bit of a drive, but sometimes taking a drive is relaxing and can take your mind off of any extra stuff that you may be worried about. The Saturday Farmers Markets are always fun. You don’t need to buy anything or spend a lot of time there to have fun and meet come of the free spirited people of Chico. Hey they have free samples too!
Keep some fun ideas in the back of your mind just in case you find yourself ready for a brain break within the next few weeks.

All in all, everything WILL be okay in the end. You have made it this far! With that, thank you for reading my blogs for those of you who have taken the time to do so. This is the last blog I will write for Liberal Studies and I just wanted to thank you for everything. If you have come in to meet with me throughout the last few years I enjoyed talking to you! Have a great end to the semester and wonderful holidays spent with loved ones! 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Greek Life and Other Student Organizations

Coming into a new environment like college is something to get use to. For some it’s easy to adjust to the new setting and for others it’s more challenging. There are people who aren’t use to talking to others and having to make new friends. College is intimidating at first because you don’t know anyone. You don’t know who to talk to and are scared to search for help. There are many programs that can help you feel welcomed and make you feel at home. As students we have to take advantage of all the programs on campus. It can be from sports, clubs on campus, or Greek life.
Greek life is something I never saw myself doing but it’s something I would highly recommend for an upcoming student at any university. Fraternities and sororities are looked at in a negative way, but in reality it gives people a sense of community. It’s people who almost have similar beliefs and strive to better themselves as individuals. There are many Greek organizations on campus. When I came to Chico I knew a lot of people, but I wanted to meet new people. There were times where I felt home sick and missed my family. When I went to a social gathering for my fraternity, before I joined, they all had the same interests as me. When I was around them it felt like I was at home. This is what I mean by feeling welcomed and the feeling like you’re back home. You are surrounded with people who have the same interests and mind set as you. I’m not saying that Greek life is for everyone but it is something people should look into. A lot of Greek organizations are very academic based. This means that you have to maintain a certain GPA to be active and participate with the organization. When I say participate that means community service, study hours, and socials with other organizations.

This type of program is to help build students academically, socially, and better round you as a person. They also make you feel at home and comfortable and make you break out of your comfort zone. When I joined my fraternity I became a more outspoken person in presentations. I also got to meet a lot of important people on and off campus, all qualities that will benefit me in my future.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

First Generation Students

As a first generation student there’s a lot of a pressure. We have to succeed and be the example to those younger than you, such as your little brothers or sisters. We go to college not only for our parents and family but also for ourselves. We go to college to better ourselves and to be able to pass that on to the next person who comes along. There will be times when we are overwhelmed and tired of school, but we can't just quit we have to push and remember why we are here. First time generation students have a little more pressure because we are looked upon to succeed. Failure is never an option for us because our parents worked extra hard to get us where we are at currently. It doesn’t have to be first time generation students either who have this type of pressure. Siblings who are second-generation college students can have big expectations as well. They could have an older brother or sister who went to college and did very well and are expected to do the same or even better. The reasons why are because they are exposed to more opportunities. By this time they should have observed and learned from those who went before them.

We have to set the example and prove that we can do well in school and graduate from a four-year institution. We have to break that fear and demonstrate anything can be achieved if we put our minds to it. When we succeed, others see our accomplishments and we become that motivation to others. It’s hard for us at times because we had no idea who to talk to our where to go to for help. We become that new resource and we have to reach out to those students, those students who resemble us.