Wednesday, December 2, 2015

First Generation Students

As a first generation student there’s a lot of a pressure. We have to succeed and be the example to those younger than you, such as your little brothers or sisters. We go to college not only for our parents and family but also for ourselves. We go to college to better ourselves and to be able to pass that on to the next person who comes along. There will be times when we are overwhelmed and tired of school, but we can't just quit we have to push and remember why we are here. First time generation students have a little more pressure because we are looked upon to succeed. Failure is never an option for us because our parents worked extra hard to get us where we are at currently. It doesn’t have to be first time generation students either who have this type of pressure. Siblings who are second-generation college students can have big expectations as well. They could have an older brother or sister who went to college and did very well and are expected to do the same or even better. The reasons why are because they are exposed to more opportunities. By this time they should have observed and learned from those who went before them.

We have to set the example and prove that we can do well in school and graduate from a four-year institution. We have to break that fear and demonstrate anything can be achieved if we put our minds to it. When we succeed, others see our accomplishments and we become that motivation to others. It’s hard for us at times because we had no idea who to talk to our where to go to for help. We become that new resource and we have to reach out to those students, those students who resemble us. 

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