Monday, September 21, 2015

Making Stress Your Friend by Krista

Hey all! I hope everyone reading has had a great week and are managing well! For this blog, I really want to pay attention to stress. As the semester continues it is so easy to get engulfed in stress that you feel yourself struggling- or almost drowning in some cases. And guess what, I totally get it! I watched this awesome Ted Talk the other evening that has to do with stress and I thought I would share it with all of you! I found it really motivational and it helped me create a new foundation for thinking about stress and how it affects my life. The Ted Talk itself is called “How To MakeStress Your Friend”  ,but here is the link  

I know what you may be thinking though - why would I listen to this? Well, the magic is, when you are sitting there stressed and panicking but somehow end up on my blog, give it a try to kill time and hopefully relax a little bit!

Make sure that you are also taking time for yourself. It is necessary to provide yourself with many options throughout your day/week. I find it helpful to spread out dedications and availability because it allows me to dedicate specific time to “sanity."  Personally, if I don’t set aside this time, there is pretty much a zero chance that I will take the time for leisurely activities on my own. I sometimes find myself panicking and driving myself into the ground, so by taking the time out of my schedule for myself, it allows me that extra flexibility that I don’t even realize I needed!

There are many ways to do this, which I will be touching on throughout the semester! Keep checking in to read about athletic opportunities, current situations in my life, social opportunities, and assistance (both on and off campus). 

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