Friday, April 25, 2014

Male teachers, are you out there?

Is it just me or have you noticed that when you go to a school campus the majority of people who work there are women? It almost seems like a stereotype to say that you always see a woman as the teacher. As a student I’ve noticed myself that males in the teaching profession are the minority. It’s always been something that has interested me and why there are fewer male teachers in grades K-6.  Edudemic: connecting education and technology is a website that helps teachers, administrators, and students be informed about schools and what can help within your classroom. According to one of their latest articles, Where Are All the Male Teachers? , male teachers account for 25% of teachers in the U.S. The article talks about how many male teachers don’t feel comfortable working with children from K-6, only because they feel as if they can easily be accused of abuse. There are about 18% of male teachers that teach middle school. Male teachers feel more comfortable around this group age because they can be a little tougher, but know that the students will be able to handle it.
I was able to interview two male teachers at a local high school on their experiences and beliefs about male teachers. Mr. Tull was the first male teacher I interviewed. He teaches at Gridley High and has been teaching for over 10 years. I asked him why he decided to teach at a high school level. He responded by saying that he wanted to work with older students. He felt like working with younger kids would be more of a hassle. He loves working with kids, but he just feels more comfortable working with older kids. The second teacher I interviewed was Mr. Bailey. Mr. Bailey has been a teacher at Gridley High School for 2 years and recently transferred to Lindhurst High School. He also feels that teaching at a higher level is best for him. He said that working with younger children is made more for female teachers. He isn’t trying to sound sexist, but he feels that personally he can’t baby children. He wants to be hard on his students, but in a way where they appreciate it. He lets his students know that it isn’t personal it’s just business. Mr. Bailey works hard to make his student’s successful, but when it comes to outside of the classroom he is one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet.
Male teachers are something you don’t see everyday. It’s not because it isn’t meant for them, it’s just that they choose to take a different pathway. Education is valuable in our culture and it shouldn’t matter who teaches it.  Share your thoughts in the comments.

-Erick Garcia

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