Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dress to Impress!

Dress the way you want to feel! Dress the way you want to be perceived! While we all pass around the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover", it's not a secret that we do so anyway, especially in a professional setting. So, when you step into an interview, walk through the door looking like a book the panel will want to read!
I've done some research on the do's and dont's of professional attire and have compiled all the information into a simple list. Enjoy!
Do spend a little extra on the basics i.e. a suit that fits you properly. Go cheap on blouses to wear underneath.
Do tuck it in (directed more towards men). When you walk into an interview with your shirt hanging out, you might come off as a little rushed or indifferent.
Do iron your clothes. This is an indication of preparedness for your interview. 
Do pick a piece to show your personality. This could be a small piece of jewelry or maybe a little color. As long as you don't overdo it, putting a little personality in your outfit is a good thing!
Do a dress rehearsal. Make sure you can comfortably sit, there aren't any parts of your outfit you nervously play with, etc.

Don't feel tied to black. People immediately associate professional with all black. You're not in mourning so feel free to throw in a little, tasteful splash of color!
Don't wear bright-colored, fake nails. This is distracting. It's better to go with a more natural look.
Don't pile up on labels. Don't choose clothes with obvious "big designer" names. Wearing nice pieces is great if you can afford it, but flaunting this might send the wrong message.
Don't wear flashy ties. Men, try to stick to a small pin or other accessories. Save your Sesame Street tie for the classroom. The kids will love it!
Don't pull a Napoleon Dynamite guys! Make sure the socks you're wearing under your suit match the suit as well. It is more distracting than you think.

I encourage you to visit websites such as Pinterest or Stumble Upon to explore different wardrobe possibilities. Polyvore even has a section, "Teachers Outfits on a Teacher's Budget." 

Best of luck!

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