Sunday, October 6, 2013

PALS Can Be Your Pals

As a peer advisor I can say that we aren’t just students who volunteer to help the Liberal Studies Advising Office, but people you can trust. Many people fear going to an advisor for help because they are embarrassed to ask stupid questions or sometimes too scared to talk about their personal experiences. 

I have had a couple of liberal study majors tell me they prefer to talk to us, the peer advisor, when it comes to their school work or feelings. Advisors are viewed as professional who can’t compare to a younger student. It feels good to know that you have certain students that only go to meet you. This sometimes turns into a friendship where only you and that person will understand. You have become someone dear and caring to them, someone they can trust when it comes to school problems or personal problems. 

It gives us as peer advisors a good feeling to know that you mean something to someone that you barely knew at one point. We want more students to come with this mentality. We want students to trust us in anything because we are all human and know what it feels like to stress out and be scared in many types of situations. We can be more than just peer advisors to students, but we can also be your friends. As peer advisors our role isn’t to just help students academically, but we are to help students in any way. We are a shoulder that you can lean on.  

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