Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More then just a teacher


Have you ever stopped to think about how much our previous and present teachers/professors have helped us in our lives? Teachers have played a huge role in shaping who we are today. Teachers are part of how we think and where our concepts of thinking come from.  From kindergarten up to high school, I feel like they give us all the tools to go into college and face it head on. When we get into college, professors not only give you the material you need to receive your degree, but they give you their knowledge to become a better person in life. Some professors go out of their way to make you understand why it is important to pursue what you've always wanted to do in your life. I feel as if teachers have helped us become the successful students we are today. They spend everyday of their lives helping and molding students to be the best they can. So why are teachers aren't credited more for what they do?

Teachers are what make our future. Teachers are essential to us in becoming successful. We weren’t born smart. We didn't come out of the womb knowing how to do calculus or how to read a book and write an essay, it was taught to us. How does a president become a president? Sure they need an amazing resume with great things they have accomplished, but there is always one thing that every president usually has and that’s an education. Education is taught to us from educators! Behind every great mind there was a teacher. Someone who taught them everything they know. I one day want to become a counselor. Do you think that I even know where to begin on how to counsel people? No, I have to learn from someone. Teachers encourage us to be something. Our parents and peers have something to do with it as well, but teachers capitalize on it and push us because they want to see us grow and be successful. is a leading education technology website that posts blogs and articles on the success of teachers and the affects they have on children. A recent article called, How Teachers Make a Difference, “had a study of 103 U.S. students between 7 to 15 years old found that most rated their teachers as very socially/emotionally/supportive.” There was a given statistic on 88% of American adults reported that a teacher in their past education had a significant impact on their success today. Of the adults, 83% of them said, “that a teacher had helped boost their self-esteem and confidence.” Teachers push and encourage us and give us hope. Teachers are a big resource in our life. They are here to help us succeed and become something great. Educators should be valued and appreciated not just because they are our mentors but because they are our friends.

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