Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Student Learning Center is your friend

It’s that time of the semester where finals are right around the corner. We are all stressing and we have to admit, we might need some help studying. A good way to prepare for a test would be group study sessions with friends or people in the same class as you. Being able to go over the material with others can help you prepare for a test. A good tip would be by quizzing each other or making flashcards. Another great way to study would be the student-learning center on campus. The Student Learning Center provides group study sessions and tutoring in subjects you know you are having difficulties in. This can be located in SSC 340 and anybody there at the front desk will be willing to help. They can work around your schedule and make sure you have time to get your studies in. You don’t have to feel like you can’t do it. One other great thing is that students like yourself tutor you. You don’t have to feel intimidated or scared because they are people just like you and understand your difficulties because they had the same problem as you at one point.    

We know that studying is a hard thing to do. Sometimes we aren’t really dedicated to it or just tend to procrastinate. By attending these group sessions or tutoring it can boost your confidence about the class and test. It always feels good going into a test you know you prepared for and studied hard for, but we also know how it feel to sit there and feel absolutely hopeless and have no clue what you are doing. So, the student-learning center is just another one of our resources that we may or may not be aware of and need to be put to use. We are paying for it.

By: Erick

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