Saturday, January 26, 2013

Money Talk

Finances as a college student are never an easy task. Whether we are dependent on ourselves or if we rely on our parents for assistance, managing your money is a very important key to your academic success. Why you may ask, what does money have to do with my academics? It’s quite simple! You see the more you worry about your financial woes the less time you worry about assignments or school in general. Many of us have had the issue of deciding whether something is a “want” or a “need” and truly you shouldn't have to give up everything you would like. You just need to make a budget for yourself at the beginning of the semester or at the beginning of every month, depending how much money you have allotted for each of you expenses.  

Tracking all of your expenses isn't all that hard in today’s world; there are many apps and websites to help you with this task! I, personally, like the old school method of sitting down at a table with all of my bills and with a bank statement that tell me how much money I have, but lets face it, I’m not very technologically savvy. Tracking tools such as,, or or even your bank's website can help you determine how much you will spend on entertainment or recreational shopping. 

Your finances don’t only affect your emotions and stress levels but they can also affect your credit which will harm you in the long run. I know many of us aren't thinking of owning homes just yet, but having a bad credit score can follow you for a long time, one faulty payment can cause damage that is a difficult task to repair. By keeping your finances in order you will minimize any worries of financial burdens you may have which will allow you to spend more time studying and on your academic assignments and, it will save your credit from being damaged which will allow you to buy your dream home in the future. So don’t forget to make that budget, keep track of your spending, and make those payments on time!

By Wendy Vega

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