Thursday, November 8, 2012

Getting Along With My Roommate - Part 1

When I first came to Chico from my hometown in Southern California I had no trace of friends.  Thankfully I lived in Whitney Hall for my first year of college.  The people here in Chico are also extremely friendly and open to meeting new people, which I love. Unfortunately you aren't always going to meet the right people, or you might get stuck with a roommate that does not necessarily fall under the “friend zone.” Alas, I was stuck with one of those roommates during my second year of college.  Once you are signed onto a lease with someone it is nearly impossible to get out of that situation.  Solution: make the best with what you have. Try your best to make plans with this person so you may find common interests and hobbies that can help relate you with one another.

One main aspect of college that is extremely important is being a good student but also having fun and exploring new destinations.  Juggling a full load of units and sometimes a job can be a little difficult and stressful to cope with.  The solution to this problem could be stress relief.  There are many ways of getting rid of stress that allow you to still have time for your academics and social life. A few ways that I rid of my stress is walking around campus and just think about absolutely nothing.  Chico State offers an amazing campus and we need to take advantage of it, it can be a very peaceful place.  A way of preventing stress is to manage your time equally; there is a time for work and a time for fun.  Time management is key to a successful semester.

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