Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hello, Liberal Studies majors!  In case you haven't visited us lately, we have a new team of Peer Advisors in Liberal Studies (aka PALS).  PALS are here to help YOU!  They are students who've "been there" and are a very diverse cross section of students in our major.  PALS can help you with everything from planning your schedule, demystifying how the university runs, knowing how to approach your professors, getting involved, to where to get tutoring and everything in between.  They have a plethora of resources to help make your university experience smoother and more enjoyable.

My name is Pamela Morrell and I am one of the professional advisors in Liberal Studies.  We also have Rena Marino (formerly Rena Craig) and Esther Larocco on our professional team.  Since I teach the PALS class, I'm starting us off on our new blogging adventure and will occasionally post, but most of what you read here will truly be "Reflections of a Peer Advisor."

And now for the introductions:

Jena, Wendy, Samantha, Eve, Andrea, Tiana, Erick, Jonathan (l-r in order of height)

They like to have fun!

The PALS can't wait to help you, so come introduce yourself!

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